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Shade and Fruit Trees


The shade and fruit trees below I believe are the best for the Midwest. People often ask me what is the best shade tree. I like all the trees listed so it's a very hard question. If I had to pick only one, it would be the Hackberry. It grows quite fast even in poor or sandy soil, no serious diseases, lives a long life and does not have a heavy leaf drop. But if I was going to plant 10 trees in my yard no more then 2 would be Hackberries. Large trees should be planted no closer than 40-60 ft apart for best results in a city yard.  Diversity is important. For every $1 you spend on your yard trees, you increase your property value $10 when you plant the right species.

Potted shade and fruit trees are guaranteed to Grow in 2018 with proper care or will replace at no charge.  Does not include planting of any replacement trees.


SUGAR MAPLE Large tree, well drained soil only- no clay, pretty leaves in fall as shown above.
AUTUMN FANTASY MAPLE Hybrid fast growth tree, red leaves in fall, ordinary soil.
AUTUMN BLAZE MAPLE - Hybrid, fast growth. Red leaves in fall. Doing very well in all soils.
SILVER MAPLE Fast growth, large tree, yellow leaves in fall.  Not recommended in town, best in country.
HACKBERRY Large tree, any soil, fast growth, yellow fall leaf color, so tough it will grow in the middle of a gravel road, one of my favorites as has no leaves to rake in the fall, they just dry up.
RIVER BIRCH- Multistem, large tree, does well in damp or wet places.  Interesting peeling bark, with fast growth.
REDMOND LINDEN Medium tree, heart shaped leaf, most soils, pyramidal shape.
THORNLESS LOCUST Medium tree, most soils, light shade for good grass growth.
CATALPA - Large tree, that has a heart shaped leaf, grows well on all soils, lives a long time.
Kentucky Coffeetree-Large tree that will grow in any soil, medium growth rate, native.
Triumph Elm- A disease resistant, fast growing, any type of soil tree.  Great tree now and the future.

Potted - 3'-6'. .$24.00 to $75.00 each
Bare-Root - 4 to 7 feet tall, some taller sizes available. $45-$75.00
Potted - 7 to 12 feet tall, some taller sizes available. .$95.00 to $180.00--



Bur Oak
Bur Oak

The Oak is the Iowa state and National tree Plant at least one oak in your yard. More is better.

Oak Trees

BUR OAK Large spreading tree, strong limbs, any soils, long life, shown above, one of my favorites. Fall color yellow.
RED OAK Lg. tree, most soils except wet, grows quite fast, red leaves in fall.
SWAMP WHITE OAK Large tree, pretty bark and leaves, grows quite fast, survives in damp places.  Fall color yellow.
WHITE OAK Most majestic oak, wide spreading, can live 500+years, most soils except wet.  Fall color purple-burgundy
SWAMP BUR OAK - fast growing, large oak that seems to like lower bottomland and in other soils also does well. Fall color yellow.
CHESTNUT OAK - Fast growing oak that will survive being planted in the middle of a gravel road.  Has large number of acorns when only 6 ft tall.  Fall color yellow.
Scarlet Oak-Fast growing, large tree.  Has the most beautiful red fall color of any oak tree. Grows well on poor or dry soils.
Potted - 3'-6'. .$24.00 to $60.00 each
Bare root 3'-4' tall $6 each-spring only

Potted - 7 to 12 feet tall, some taller sizes available.  $180.00


Red Bud tree.

Ornamental Trees

CRIMSON KING MAPLE Small tree, 30', not native, slow growth,  sometimes short lived, but red/burgundy leaves all spring and summer.
RED FLOWERING CRAB  (Prairie Fire) Small tree, 25', hardy, red flowers in spring, berries in fall that hang on all winter and the birds eat off, ordinary soil.


PINK FLOWERING CRAB (Indian Magic or Profusion) Small tree, 25', hearty, pink flowers in spring, berries in fall that hang on all winter and the birds eat off, ordinary soil.


WHITE FLOWERING CRAB (Spring Snow)-Small tree, 25', hardy, white flowers in spring, no berries in fall, ordinary soil.

CHANTICLEER FLOWERING PEAR- 35ft Tall, White flowers in the spring with a upright pyramidal shape.  No fruit with reddish purple leaves in the fall.

REDBUD- Small tree/shrub about 15ft tall. Blooms early in spring as shown above, no berries, small seedpods.

WEEPING WILLOW-Graceful weeping tree, gets big, grows fast.

Potted - 6'-12 feet -- $75.00 to $150.00 each
Bare root available on some- $45.00-spring only


Fruit Trees

APPLE-Semi Dwarf- Yellow Delicious----Honeygold---- Jonathan----Wealthy----Gala--Mcintosh-- HoneyCrisp--Candy Crisp--Yellow Transparent--Red Delicious--Haralson--Braeburn--Cortland--Harlred

Potted 5'-8' tall  - $50.00 Each

PEAR -Semi Dwarf- Luscious--Bartlett-Summercrisp

Potted 5-8 ft tall - $50.00 Each

Cherry- Northstar--Meteor-- Pie Cherries
Rainier - Sweetheart--Sweet cherries                                     

Potted 5-8 ft tall  -  $50.00 Each

IOWA PEACH - Good to fair soil, fast growth, best Peach for Iowa winters, large quantities of luscious sweet white peaches that all animals love, and people can eat. Pink blooms in spring.

Bare-Root - 2'-4' $2.50
Potted - 3'-4' - $25.00

Reliance & Elberta Peach 5-8 ft Potted $50.00

 Stanley Plum for eating--Potted $50 each

AMERICAN PLUM- Shrub that Spreads threw Root Suckers. White flower early Spring, Red or Yellow fruit up to 1" in September.

Potted  -  3'-4'  - $13.00 each
Potted  -  4'-5'  - $24.00 each

We now sell Planting Spades.

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