Villosa Lilac

Syringa villosa

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Growzone: 3 - 9

You are currently in growzone: Not in the USA.

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Bare Root Prices
18" - 24"$2.50$1.75
2' - 3'$3.75$2.75
Potted Prices
2' - 3'$12.00$12.00
3' - 4'$14.00$14.00



The Villosa Lila is a native shrub of China and has a zone 3-7 for planting in the U.S. It is a smaller lilac than the native lilacs and commonly grows about 8ft high and wide. It is some what slow growing especially if no weed and grass control is used around newly planted plants. One of the nice things about this plant is that it does not spread by roots suckers as the native lilacs do. Blooms in June after all frosts.

This plant is recommended for planting in Windbreaks and Shelterbelts. It stays put and does not spread by seed or suckers. Does well in most kinds of soil except wet ones. We recommend a spacing of 6-8ft or more between plants.


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