Austree Hybrid Willow

Salix hybrid

Growzone: 4 - 9

You are currently in growzone: 6

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Potted PricesHeight1-5050+
Potted4' - 8'$12.00$10.00



Is a deciduous fast growing shade or windbreak tree that can grow  6-10 ft per year, and after 7 years top out at 40 ft.  No competition from grass and weeds and adequate moisture is necessary for rapid growth.

One row planted 5 to 10 ft apart will give an effective windbreak, screen and snow catch in just a couple of years. Our favorite spacing in good soil is a double row spaced 8 ft apart in the row and 10 ft between rows. With our 8X10 spacing we show a 30% reduction in the wind during the winter with no leaves.  They get leaves on in early April and hold them until the middle of Nov. here in Iowa, so offer a great windbreak during this time period.  More rows with wider spacing would be even better.  A 5-6 ft potted tree will usually be 10 ft tall by the fall of the first year it is in the ground. We sell and plant potted Austrees anytime the ground is not frozen (March-December). chan ge


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