Swamp Bur Oak

Quercus schuettei

Growzone: 4 - 8

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Bare Root Prices
8" - 16"SOLD OUT (1.80)SOLD OUT (1.15)
16" - 24"SOLD OUT (2.30)SOLD OUT (1.55)
24" - 36"SOLD OUT (3.30)SOLD OUT (2.55)
Potted Prices
3' - 4'SOLD OUT (37.50)SOLD OUT (37.50)
4' - 5'$47.50$47.50
5' - 6'$62.50$62.50
6' - 7'$77.50$77.50



White Oak Family.

The Swamp Bur Oak is a natural cross between the Bur Oak and the Swamp White Oak.  A beautiful tree with dark green leaves and makes a great shade or street tree.  Does well in bottom lands but not swampy ground.  In the fall the leaves turn yellowish-brown to red.  Large round top, survives in wet low-lands even with roots under water for weeks at a time. Very large sweet acorns, good for riparian buffers.

  • Zone 4-8
  • Height 50-70′
  • Width 40-60′
  • Full Sun
  • Medium growth rate



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