Our Guarantee

Warranty on Trees and Shrubs:

  1. All of our bare root trees and shrubs have no warranty; there are just too many variables to survival on these trees and shrubs.
  2. On our potted trees do carry a warranty.  Windbreak trees carry a warranty that we will replace or refund up to 10% of the trees lost, if you are losing more than that something else is wrong.
  3. We do not warranty trees that die or are damaged beyond our control such as: droughts, floods, weather, animals (above and below ground) lawn mowers, neglect (no water or no weed control), planted too deep or in subsoil, winter damage, trees that are resold, or any other causes we have no control over.  We can not guarantee plants sent through the mail or UPS.
  4. For trees to be eligible for warranty replacement we must receive notification by September 1st if planted in the springtime, or July 1st of the next year if planted in the fall. Trees must be returned with roots attached.  Warranty does not include the cost of shipping or planting.


If you have any questions please message us: Contact Information