Hazelnut (American Filbert)

Corylus americana

  • Nuts

Growzone: 3 - 8

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Bare Root Prices
8" - 16"SOLD OUT (1.80)SOLD OUT (1.15)
16" - 24"SOLD OUT (2.55)SOLD OUT (1.80)
2' - 3'SOLD OUT (3.80)SOLD OUT (2.80)
Potted Prices
2' - 3'$14.50$14.50
3' - 4'16..50$16.50



Grows 10 foot high and 10 foot wide. Grows in all soils with partial shade to full sun. Fall color golden with hints of red. Small tasty nuts eaten by humans and a wide variety of wildlife. The leaves, twigs and catkins serve as an important browse for wildlife. Good pollinator species.


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