Common Purple Lilac

Syringa vulgaris

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Growzone: 3 - 7

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2' - 3'SOLD OUT (3.80)SOLD OUT (2.80)
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2' - 3'$16.00$16.00
3' - 4'$18.00$18.00
4' - 5'SOLD OUT (22.00)SOLD OUT (22.00)



The common purple lilac is also called the old fashion lilac.  Has purple fragrant flowers in the spring with green foilage.  This shrub grows 8-15′ tall and 8-10′ wide.  This shrub grows at a medium rate and does well in part to full sun.  It will grow in most soils except wet soils.  Plant them far enough away from windbreak trees because they produce suckers.  As the shrub ages its best to remove older branches to promote new growth.


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