Physocarpus Opulifolius

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Growzone: 3 - 7

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The ninebark is a rounded medium sized shrub. It is commonly about 8ft tall and wide but can get larger if sufficient room is given for growth. It is native to the eastern 1/2 of the U.S. and grows in hardiness zones of 3-7. It has a small flower in the spring and very small seeds in the fall. It grows quite fast and lives a long time and still looking good during this time.

The Ninebark has a peeling habit on the stems of this plant and is easy to tell at any time of the year. It grows well in most soils except for the very wet. Heavy snow and ice can break off the stems.

We like the Ninebark for its use in windbreaks and shelterbelts. With its fast growth, long life, and not spreading where they are not wanted, they work very well. We recommend a planting distance 8 ft between plants for best growth and survival.


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