Black Cherry

Prunus serotina

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Growzone: 3 - 9

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Bare Root Prices
6" - 12"$1.30$1.20
16" - 24"$2.35$1.60
24" - 36"$3.35$2.60
Potted Prices
2' - 3'SOLD OUT (30.00)SOLD OUT (30.00)
3' - 4'$42.00$ 42.00
4' - 5'SOLD OUT (50.00)SOLD OUT (50.00)
5' - 6'SOLD OUT (65.00)SOLD OUT (65.00)



Valuable red wood, good to fair soil, fast growth, berries for animals.

The Black Cherry has valuable red wood and is easy to grow and does well in average, medium well drained soil.  In the Spring it has White blooms from April to May.  The tart fruit of the black cherry is a source of nutrition for many aminals. Leaves are dark green in the summer and yellow to red in the fall.

Height: 50-80′

Spread: 30-60′

Exposure: Full Sun

Zone: 3-9


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