Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

  • Bark

Growzone: 3 - 8

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Bare Root Prices
8" - 16"SOLD OUT (1.85)SOLD OUT (1.20)
16" - 24"SOLD OUT (2.35)SOLD OUT (1.60)
24" - 30"SOLD OUT (3.35)SOLD OUT (2.60)
Potted Prices
3' - 4'SOLD OUT (40.00)SOLD OUT (40.00)
4' - 5'$50.00$50.00
5" - 6"$65.00$65.00
8' - 10'190.00 $190.00



Bur oak can tolerant urban landscapes including a wide variety of soils and moisture levels and tolerant to moderate levels of salt spray. Bur oak is a long lived tree native to the savannas and prairies of Iowa. Fall color golden yellow to brown, Valuable brown wood, Rot Resistant,  medium growth rate, sweet acorns preferred by wildlife, great pollinator species. 


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