European Larch

Larix decidua

Growzone: 2 - 6

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2' - 3'$31.50$29.50
3' - 4'$42.00$42.00
4' - 5'$50.00$50.00
5' - 6'SOLD OUT (65.00)SOLD OUT (65.00)
6' - 7'SOLD OUT (75.00)SOLD OUT (75.00)



The European larch is a deciduous conifer and is native to Europe, where it grows in the same area as the Norway Spruce and is frequently seen growing together.  It can be a very large tree growing over 100ft and have a trunk diameter of 4 ft, it is hardy in the zone of 2-6.  The European larch is an excellent windbreak tree even though it looses its needles in the winter.  Its many branches help stop the wind and it will grow faster than any other conifer I have ever seen in Iowa .

In our field windbreak it is the largest tree we have, growing faster than any evergreen or deciduous tree.  As with the Norway Spruce it likes the same soil and moisture conditions.  Have not seen any types of disease problems here in the midwest.  It is a highly recommended windbreak tree here in the midwest in conjunction with other evergreen trees.  Plant 16ft -20 apart in rows and between rows.  A 2-3ft potted plant can be 12ft+ in 5 years with good weed and grass control and no mulch.


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