Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor

Growzone: 3 - 8

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8" - 16"(SOLD OUT) 1.85SOLD OUT (1.20)
16" - 24"SOLD OUT (2.35)SOLD OUT (1.60)
24" - 36"SOLD OUT (3.35)SOLD OUT (2.60)
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2' - 3'SOLD OUT (30.00)SOLD OUT (30.00)
3' - 4'$40.00$40.00
4' - 5'$50.00$50.00
5' - 6'SOLD OUT (65.00)SOLD OUT (65.00)
6' - 7'SOLD OUT (90.00)SOLD OUT (90.00)
8' - 10'$215.00$215.00



White Oak Family.

The Swamp White Oak is big and beautiful tree with dark green upper leaf and white underside giving it’s botanical name bicolor. Swamp white oak makes a great shade or street tree due to it’s ability to adapt wide range of soils form dry to flooded bottom ground. In the fall the leaves turn brown to a reddish purple color.  Swamp White Oak leaves remain on the tree though the winter making it a great option for a deciduous windbreak tree row.  The acorns are large and sweet that attract a varitey of wildlife.

  • Zone 3-8
  • Height 60-70′
  • Width 50-60′
  • Full Sun
  • Medium to fast growth rate
  • Grows in acidic, well drained and wet soil.
  • Drought tolerant



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