Platanus occidentalis

Growzone: 4 - 9

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Bare Root Prices
16" - 24"SOLD OUT (2.35)SOLD OUT (1.60)
24" - 36"SOLD OUT (3.35)SOLD OUT (2.60)
Potted Prices
3' - 4'SOLD OUT (40.00)SOLD OUT (40.00)
4' - 5'$50.00$50.00
5' - 6'$65.00$65.00
6' - 7'$75.00$75.00



American sycamore is native and one of the largest tree in Iowa. Sycamore is an easy tree to grow.  It adapts to most soils and thrives in warm & cold climates.  It has a fast growth rate and a thick canopy with large green leaves that turn yellow to brown in the Fall.  At maturity the bark turns white.

Height: 100′

Spread 50′

Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Shape: Round spreading Pyramidal

Zone: 4-9

Growth Rate: Fast

Hardy: -20°F



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