Platanus occidentalis

Growzone: 4 - 9

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16" - 24"$2.35$1.60
24" - 36"SOLD OUT (3.35)SOLD OUT (2.60)
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3' - 4'SOLD OUT (40.00)SOLD OUT (40.00)
4' - 5'SOLD OUT (50.00)SOLD OUT (50.00)
5' - 6'SOLD OUT (65.00)SOLD OUT (65.00)
6' - 7'SOLD OUT (75.00)SOLD OUT (75.00)



American sycamore is native and one of the largest tree in Iowa. Sycamore is an easy tree to grow.  It adapts to most soils and thrives in warm & cold climates.  It has a fast growth rate and a thick canopy with large green leaves that turn yellow to brown in the Fall.  At maturity the bark turns white.

Height: 100′

Spread 50′

Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Shape: Round spreading Pyramidal

Zone: 4-9

Growth Rate: Fast

Hardy: -20°F



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